Trip to Yamagata

Mogami Sanju-san Kannon

The domestically eminent history that historical pilgrimage place - opening of 580 years to overlap with famous place sails up until the Muromachi era is deep pilgrimage place. yu is and becomes a priest, and beautiful only daughter, light princess of person of Yamagata feudal lord Mogami fifth generation, *shu is informed military commander that life was cut off by fight over oneself even if we come from that we went round 33 hallowed ground. With scenery beautiful with nostalgia spreading through the neighborhood, we watch our living, and appearance of Kannondo temple dotted along the Mogami River heals heart.

The Wakamatsu Kannon
The Risshaku-ji Temple Kannon
The Senjudo Kannon
The Enno-ji Temple Kannon
The Hirashimizu Kannon
The Iwanami Kannon
The Mt. Matsuo Kannon
The big mountain Kannon
The Takamatsu Kannon
The Hasedo Kannon
The Mikawa village Kannon
The Okamura Kannon
The Nagaoka Kannon
The long up Kannon
The Iwaki Kannon
Kurotori Kannon
Komatsuzawa Kannon
Isazawa Kannon
Nobesawa Kannon
Rokusawa Kannon
The big field Kannon
Obanazawa Kannon
The Kannon in front of the river
The deep drilling Kannon
The swamp Kannon of salt
The Oishida Kannon
The Nyuu village Kannon
The Tomizawa Kannon
The Taro field Kannon
Niwatsuki Kannon
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