Haramachi Street

Haramachi Street はらまちどおり
When Naotsugu Sakai of Aterazawa feudal lord maintained small Shitsukawa-jo Castle at the beginning of the Edo era, Haramachi was made with inner town, alley, Gomenmachi. Because the name of Haramachi was the all over time wilderness of town break, it is said to be the place name which there was.
Is done allotment of grounds by rectangle to be to east and west four ken of frontages, depth 30 ken or more across road, and many people move from "Motoyashiki" and "Atagoshita" under Tateyama-jo Castle, a lot of of commerce and industry engaged. House called by Aizuya, name including nurseryman at the time remains in Haramachi even now.
Then the Haramachi whole area spreading out along Mogami River for about 380 years conveys attractive cityscape scenery lined with merchant and Kura of traditional Japanese style architecture to let history feel in now while just leaving allotment of grounds at the time.
 As the town of scenery Mogami River and scenery of the working of living "to cover", and to give the future of important sentence, we received the first country choice in Yamagata Prefecture.
  • Name Haramachi Street
  • Location Oaza, Oe-machi, Nishimurayama-gun, Yamagata Aterazawa
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