Shonai-machi しょうないまち
Shonai-machi is located in the center of the Kometokoro Shonai plains
It is the location of the summit of the sacred mountain Gassan and having the mountain at it's origin, the clear stream Tachiyazawa-gawa River flow along one of the 3 big rivers of Japan the "Mogami river". Shonai-machi extends over a long but thin terrain from south to north.
During wintertime, the closer you get to the southern edge, the more you will see snow. As for the northern parts, there are many very strong seasonal winds and from Spring to Fall a powerful wind that comes from the Mogami ravine called the "Kiyokawadashi" also exist.
Those strong winds are being used as wind power generation.
In addition, as a rice place, it is know throughout the country. "Kame-no-o" which is the origin of Sasanishiki and Koshihikari was brought up by Abe Kameji.
※On July 1, 2005, Amarume-machi and Tachikawa-machi merged and became Shonai-machi.

Eight windmills standing as symbol which succeeded in using wind of difficult person in life proudly in rural district of Shonai plains are impressive.
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  • Name Shonai-machi
  • Location Sanninyachi-13-1 Amarume, Shonai-machi (Shonai-machi business and industry contact hall)
  • Phone number 0234-42-2922
  • FAX number 0234-42-2559
  • Contact information Shonai-machi business and industry sightseeing section
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  • Remarks Amarume Station (along the line): Uetsu Main Line, Rikuu West Line
    Airport: Shonai Airport
    Highway: Yamagata Expressway Sakata IC
  • Others ■Main tourist facilities
    Cart Soleil Mogami River
    The Hachiro Kiyokawa Memorial
    Culture creation building sound hall

    ・Snowproof calligraphy art museum
    Kame-no-o-no-sato Museum
    ・Windmill village
    The Shuin Naito watercolor painting museum
    ・Disembarkation place of Basho
    ・Tateyama Park (Karikawa Castle site)
    ・Kame-no-o birthplace Kumagai Shrine

    ■Main Events
    ・Potted plants and goldfish Festival
    ・Yaya festival
    ・Summer Night festival ~ Flaming dragon dance ~
    ・Amarume Autumn Festival
    ・Tateyama Park Sakura Festival
    ・Lavender Festival
    ・Mogami River Thanksgiving Day
    ・Tachikawa Autumn Festival
    ・Kiyokawa Shrine Annual Festival
    ・Kiyokawa Shrine Annual Festival

    ■Main special product
    ・Shonai goldfish
    ・Shonaimai, Kame-no-o (local sake)
    ・Special Koshihikari
    ・Flower (Torukogikyo, stock)
    ・Sound of water of beech

    ■Hot spring
    Tsukinosawa Onsen north Mt. Gassan
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