Oguni-machi おぐにまち
"Shiroimori Oguni"
The forest country that was embraced by the Iide - Asahi Range
Oguni-machi is situated at the south-west tip of the Yamagata prefecture. It is next to the prefectural border of the Niigata prefecture. It is situated in the middle of both prefectures' capital(about 80km from Yamagata-shi and from Niigata-shi).

Embraced by the IIde - Asahi mountain range, the total area is 737.55 square kilometers.
Approximately 90% of its territory is covered by a forest mostly containing broad-leaved trees like the Japanese beeches. The beautiful changing seasons can be enjoyed all year. In addition, it is one of the country's heaviest snowfall areas.
With the Japanese Beech tree and the snow acting as its symbols, this town is often referred to as shiroimori(white forest).
  • Name Oguni-machi
  • Location 2-70, Ogunikosakamachi, Oguni-machi
  • Phone number 0238-62-2416
  • FAX number 0238-62-5464
  • Contact information Oguni-machi industrial development section
  • URL http://www.town.oguni.yamagata.jp/
  • Remarks Oguni Station (along the line): Yonesaka Line
    Airport: Yamagata Airport, Niigata Airport
  • Others ■Main tourist facilities
    ・Kurosawa-toge shikishi pass
    ・Taruguchi Pass

    ■Main Events
    ・Oguni rhododendron Festival
    ・Kotamagawa bear festival
    ・Asahi mountain range mountaineering season
    ・Oguni summer festival
    ・Oori mountain pass crossing gathering
    ・IIde mountain range Koyo(colored leaves) jogging rally
    ・Kurosawa-toge Festival
    ・Oguni-machi culture festival
    ・Draining basket crafting course
    ・Yuki-no-gakko(Snow School)

    ■Main special product
    ・Wild plants
    ・Mountain stream fish
    ・Vine weaving

    ■Hot spring
    Iide Hot Springs
    Awanoyu Onsen
    Otaki Onsen
    ・Oguni Yokokawa hot spring
    ・Oguni Hot Springs
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