Mamurogawa-machi まむろがわまち
It is located at the northernmost part of the Yamagata Prefecture and is known as the place of origin of the Mamurogawa Ondo Folk song. The changing seasons are refreshing, the cuisine is represented by edible wild plants and the hot springs and the water are also perfect.
The fairy of the plum called Umeko-chan settled in this easy to live town and now plays an active part as a sightseeing ambassador of Mamurogawa-machi as a formal character.
In the museum where saws are being exhibited, some historical and cultural information can be seen related to the fact that 80% of the town contains forests.
  • Name Mamurogawa-machi
  • Location Mamurogawa-machi larger section of a village Shinmachi 127-5
  • Phone number 0233-62-2111
  • FAX number 0233-62-2731
  • Contact information Mamurogawa-machi interchange section
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  • Remarks Mamurogawa Station (along the line): Ou Main Line
    Airport: Yamagata Airport, Shonai Airport
  • Others ■Main tourist facilities
    ・Mt. Kabu-san's prefectural natural park
    ・Mamurogawa Park
    ・Mt. Koshiki-yama
    ・Mamurogawa Town Historical Museum
    ・Mamurokawa bairi-en Hot Spring

    ■Main Events
    ・Mamurogawa Ume [Japanese plum] Festival
    ・Village marathon of the plum
    ・Mamurogawa Ondo Folk songs national convention

    ■Main special product
    Mamurogawa brand
    ・Pulpwood Nameko mushrooms
    ・Mamurogawa lacquerware

    ■Hot spring
    Mamurogawa Hot Spring "Bairi-en"
    Shin-Mamurogawa hot spring "Sekizawa-so"
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