Aterazawa Tateyama Castle park of historic interest

Aterazawa Tateyama Castle park of historic interest アテラザワタテヤマジョウシセキコウエン
The alias best Park in Japan.
It is on terminal of JR Aterazawa (aterazawa) line, hill of the north side of Aterazawa Station and is Park in the ruins of Aterazawa Tateyama-jo Castle place of local powerful family Oe.
From top arbor, we can look at magnificent flow of Mogami River detouring under eyes and the mountains of Asahi Peaks, Zao. This place is done in Mogami River that there is 224km in total length with superb view, and many painters and photographers visit from the prefectural inside and outside, and is chosen from good point of this view in Mogami River View Point in 2002 in 1997 by 100 selections of Japan strolls.

Parking lot was made new near entrance. As parking lot is not in site, please use. It is approximately 200m to Park.
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  • Name Aterazawa Tateyama Castle park of historic interest
  • Location Oaza, Oe-machi Aterazawa district
  • Phone number 0237-62-2139
  • Access From JR Aterazawa Station car ten minutes
    From JR Aterazawa Station a 25-minute walk
  • Contact information Oe-machi Sightseeing Product Association
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[Last updated] March 19, 2020
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