This site can make language setting "Yamagata dialect" to tell about charm of Yamagata more. Do you set for "Yamagata dialect?"

※To have you enjoy atmosphere of Yamagata,
We set Yamagata dialect.
※We can change language setting in site.

Excellent sake X dainty food Yamagata


Sa shi su se so of delicious trip

Sa shi su se so is basic of taste.
Seasoning which is indispensable to delicious dishes.
Let alone megumi of rich nature, we protect it,
We taste to story of people keeping alive.
Basics that this takes a trip to Yamagata deliciously.
"Sa shi su se so" of Yamagata trip.
You read and come, and please thoroughly enjoy slowly and carefully.

We look at the sixth seasoning and play and soak. Secret ingredient of delicious tripThe sixth seasoning view, play,
Soak. Secret ingredient of delicious trip

Even if one which is indispensable to delicious meal says how, it is hungry.
If we extend a trip and be and rotate, trip becomes more delicious.
Please taste with dainty food, excellent sake of Yamagata.
Nature, history, hot spring information of Yamagata


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