“Yamagata Biyori.” 1day Trip

Trip to Yamagata

“Yamagata Biyori.” About news of 1day trip contest work offer

For "Niigata, Shonai area destination campaign" developed in 2019,
For the purpose of making local sightseeing material trip product for free idea "dainty food" "excellent sake" "history, culture"
We carry out contest to raise "day trip plans" to feature the theme of as follows.

1.Application section
  (1) Student section (person who is in high school, university)
  (2) General section

2.Application contents
  One of "dainty food" "excellent sake" "history, culture" of the Yamagata Prefecture,
  Or day trip plan that featured the theme of combination

3.Offer period
  From Wednesday, August 1, 2018 to Wednesday, October 31

  We establish examination committee within Yamagata sightseeing campaign promotion meeting and carry out examination

5.Prize (we present to every section)
  Trip ticket for highest award (one set) 50,000 yen
  Trip ticket for award for excellence (two sets) 30,000 yen

  Prize winner is going to carry out sale to commercialize in travel agency

  ◆Offer essential point (PDF)
  ◆Application style (Excel)
  ◆Mention example (Excel)

  The Yamagata sightseeing campaign promotion meeting secretariat (Yamagata Prefecture dainty food, the excellent sake tourism promotion room)
  TEL: 023-630-3362 MAIL:ybishoku@pref.yamagata.jp

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